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Gorgeous Gougeres


I have no idea where October and November went.  October was an abnormally beautiful month in Seattle and I was thrilled that so much of our garden was still productive during official Fall.  We spent lots of time outside, so I will attribute the lack of posts in October to being sun drunk.  Some very dear friends moved to Hawaii just as I was returning from an amazing month in Maui.  Another very dear friend recruited me to serve on the Board of a brand new creative arts non-profit and event space in Georgetown called The Trap.  I had a bunch of dental work done.  I made a ton of jam and chutney.  We put in an offer for an investment property after months of searching for just the right place and having the first one fall through.  The annual Casa Latina (I serve on the Board) gala was a smashing success and great time–we had a little bidding war with a nearby table and won a trip to Costa Rica!  My dear friend Pierre paid us a visit and we had a ridiculously silly good time.  November brought history-making elections.  We acquired two new hens and had to end up butchering one of them; it was our first time doing it and quite the learning experience.  I’m still an omnivore.  Some good friends got married.  We closed on the house the night before we left for New Mexico for ten days.  Hanging out with my family and some great old-school friends was just what I needed to refresh.  My mom and I made 13 dozen tamales after Thanksgiving, which I’ll post soon.  I hunted down red and green chile like a crazed drug addict and finally got to spend some time in Santa Fé.

So now we are well into December and the holiday buzz and consumer rush and fears of the Mayan calendar ending brings us to Gougeres.  These little French cheese puffs are like small popovers that disappear entirely too quickly…they are truly addictive and melt in your mouth. Perfect and easy little hors d’oeuvre, laced with gruyere and begging to be paired with some savory tomato jam or more cheese.  An accompanying glass of sparkling wine is strongly recommended.  These will get you into the holiday spirit while you think about all the happy mouths at your next party.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Squash-a-palooza: Spiced Summer Squash Bread

Move over, zucchini bread.  This summer squash bread is delightfully and perfectly spiced, moist, and travels well. It’s the perfect quick breakfast to jump-start your day.  This recipe makes a large-ish amount, twice as much as your normal loaf pan. Use a 9×13 dish, or 2 loaf pans.  It freezes well, so eat one and store the other for that last-minute bake sale, for a good friend, or whenever.

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Guest-Worthy Tilapia with Herbed Panko Topping


It’s been a little while.  A few weeks ago, I caught the really gnarly crud going around Seattle and was down for the count.  Then I healed up to about 90% and it was off to Coachella for four days of nearly unbearable heat, lots of great shows, and camping with dear friends.  Needless to say, I haven’t been in the kitchen much lately and therefore haven’t been posting.  But spring has definitely sprung and sown seeds have turned into seedlings with real sets of leaves, ready to be transplanted outside soon.  Things are warming up around here and with the arrival of spring comes my love of light, easy dinners in anticipation of a garden in full bloom and more vitamin D.

This tilapia is very simply prepared and makes your mouth sing at first bite.  Fresh thyme and parsley are a must here.  If you don’t have tilapia available, any white fish with semi-firm flesh will be just as delicious.  You can also substitute regular bread crumbs, or run some day-old bread through a food processor, if you don’t have panko available.

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Sleepover French Toast with Brie and Apples

French toast is one of my favorite ways to experience that heavenly sweet-salty combo and it’s easy and perfect for a snow day brunch.  I had brie and apples on hand, but pears and a slightly sharper cheese like a young manchego or mild cheddar would work equally well.  A dollop of Pear Jam would also be delicious.  Here’s my basic french toast recipe: Continue reading

Easy Yeast Bread

I am not a baker.  I don’t have a lot of patience for the exact ratios and limited spontaniety involved in baking.  I’ve tried a few yeast bread recipes in the past, only to be massively disappointed.  After more than one experience of filling my house with the aroma of home baked bread but ending up with something that has no other use than to prop open a door, I almost gave up. Continue reading

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