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Q: What do PR folks need to know about you?
A:  I will happily try out products from companies with ethical business and supplier practices, preferably local to the Pacific Northwest.  I will not review products containing GMOs.  If I like the product and believe that my readers would benefit from knowing about it, I will write a post about it.  Also, I am not a mom, so kid-oriented products aren’t relevant for me.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at the email above.

Q:  What do you cook?
A:  I cook anything that requires fewer than 200 steps and doesn’t need extremely special equipment. I enjoy trying out new recipes and inventing new and modified dishes.  I cook almost every day so oftentimes I post what I’ve just made.  I gravitate towards whatever’s in season since we grow a bunch of our own food, especially during the summer.  We also have chickens, so we eat lots of eggs–those eggs take baking to a whole new level, so I’ve been playing around with baking even though I don’t have enough patience to call myself a baker.  New Mexican food holds a special place in my heart so I like to experiment with green and red chile.  Seattle has the best seafood in the world, so I do a lot of fish and shellfish too.  I love discovering great vegetarian dishes as we’ve made a focused effort to eat less (and mainly humanely raised, grass fed) meat due to environmental, health and animal welfare concerns.

Q:  Why do you cook?
Simply put, I love good food.  I think about food all the time.  Those people who look forward to taking pill to cover every nutritional need rather than eat real meals?  They’re out there, and I sooo don’t get them.  I love to share recipes, I love trying out new things, and I love it when friends and family gather to enjoy a good meal.  I am especially thrilled when someone makes something I’ve posted or suggested, and is happy with the results.  Magical things happen when people have full, happy bellies.  I also believe in knowing how to feed myself, and the cooking process is meditative for me.

Q:  I know it’s a difficult question to answer, especially for food nerds such as yourself, but what is your favorite food?
A:  I could eat Dungeness Crab every single day.

I love hearing from you:

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